I might edit more TOS into this occasionally.

Rules and such:

+ I accept Paypal only!

+ You can add up to 4 characters in each picture, but it will be half of the price of the style used added on per character. Example: Fullbody chibi sketch with two characters: $8 + $4, so $12 total. Things like a character casting magic or weapons/toys/etc won’t add charges.

+ Every drawing will have some sort of basic patterned background that will vary per drawing. If you want something specific, please make sure to tell me in your order! Scenic backgrounds may add charges.

+ I will draw animals, anthros, and humanoids of any gender.

+ You can message/submit a note to me here, or message me for my email where you can send your information!

Please feel free to ask my anything about commissions!
I’ll be glad to help and clear anything up if there’s an issue.

THANKS GUYS You can always check out my commission status HERE!

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teddy9edwards whispered: Hiiii!! What is your Instagram?

Skaikat! C:




harry is that kid that gets kicked with the ball in the face 2 seconds after the dodgeball game starts

Wouldn’t he just use magic to block the ball?


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zayn setting the record straight x

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Anonymous whispered: hii! happy birthday! wait, it's your birthday, right? August 16? or am I completely wrong and I'm just making a fool out of myself..

Ahh it was! Thank you much!!!


11.08.14-Harry offering a cupcake to a fan

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