Phoenix, AZ - 9/16

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1D “Midnight Memories” Makeup Kit Review



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9.12 - Rosebowl

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I cannot be stopped

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Philadelphia - 8/13

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specialvenuetohim whispered: did you always knew that you could draw? or you couldn't draw anything and you just practiced? sorry if this sounds weird

I’ve always drawn, but I can’t say my doodles from my childhood showed much talent Cx I’ve been “seriously” drawing since I was 13, when I began studying anatomy and the likes C: it doesn’t sound weird at all!

Anonymous whispered: Hi! I know this might sound weird, but I have a little question. Would you mind if I copied your art FOR PRACTICING ONLY!! I promise I won't post it anywhere, I can even come off anon so you can stalk the hell out of me to check. I just love your work a lot and want to practice on drawing furries and such, and since I need something as a ref for specific parts, I thought of your work, tho I thought I'd ask first. Keep up the good work anyway, you're amazing! (: .xx

I’m okay with it for practising purposes only, as long as you don’t take my style as your own UuU However I heavily suggest looking at photos  of animals/humans as that’s how I learned the anatomy and have the style that I do now! <33 Look at the photo, trace it, then try to draw it freehand, then on the 3rd go try to break down the steps! Eventually you will have memorised both the realistic and your stylised version of whatever you decide to draw! Here’s a crappy old tutorial explaining that a bit better:

Thank you so much for asking and good luck! C: