damnthedamsel whispered: I definitely feel with the noses thing but MOUTHS!!! HOW?? LIKE THE LIPS AND THE TEETH AND THE TONGUE AND JUST EVERYTHING I CANT DO IT!!


chasingcrazytrains whispered: How do you people do noses? They're my mortal enemy :(

I usually draw a blob and then see what I can do with it! I feel your pain they can be really tricky UnU Here’s a crude quick tut:

interruptio-n whispered: you should really do a full length comic or something. i love seeing your drawings, they're amazing!

Thank you so much! I’ll be working a 6-8 page graphic novel thing for http://fruitysportsdrink.tumblr.com/ in the next 2 months!

Anonymous whispered: hey saki, hope your well. If you could spare a moment do you have any tips on drawing dogs (specifically puppies). I'm working on something for a friend and i'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks love xx

Look up photo references! There’s also plenty of tutorials on deviantART C: For puppies I tend to use a lot of soft, round shapes!

Anonymous whispered: i love make fan art, even if i don't have the graphboard, but i can't really make eyes. how do you make them? i hate them they are a mess for me

here you go anon! http://skaikat.tumblr.com/post/78922559724/hiya-i-was-just-wondering-whenever-you-have-free-time

You & I - 3 days to go

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ARTIST: Louis Solo
TRACK: You & I (Piano Edit)


+ this one’s better

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