me coping with Aidal moving here today

starring skaikat, cuchutrainn and gae-dearg, rujenn and tamourraka, and then of course the OT3 knight-aidal myself and angelpurah

Steal my gril - 4 days to go

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New unlock pic from 1Dwwabookapp (mine)

"I don’t know how I got here. I’m just thankful that I did get here and it’s sick that I am"

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We’ve all wondered what the boys’ animal personas are and this month we want to see you guys portray the boys as:

What animals the boys would suit most like the awesome artwork above by skaikat


Give an animal the boys’ characteristics like this fabulous dalmation!direction fanart by ashleyrguillory

And you can totally do both if you guys want :D

The deadline is the 20th of October! And as always, tag your drawing with #1DAC6 so we can see it and feature it on the page.

So hop to it and create some purr-fect artworks for this month’s collab !! Have fawn guys ;D

— 1D Artists Community

Shaking it since 1993 - Pasadena, CA (September 11, 2014)

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