If you guys are bored and like reading things, Aero and I are finally posting the story about our boys, Simon and Jarrod!

Wowy dash con though

I missed a lot on here

Homeless Simon from a few days ago.. I might finish this one!

Anonymous whispered: hi, would you say a graphics tablet is a must-have for art/animation/graphic design majors? my dad won't help me buy one until he's sure i need it. :/

Sorry for the late reply! Tablets are extremely handy to have when you’re in those majors, however I also have friends that rent from the school. I would say that getting one would definitely benefit you however. It’s good to become familiar with using one outside of the classroom ouo



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San Siro, Milan. 29/06.

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Anonymous whispered: Can you show us your brush settings for lineart in sai pretty pretty pleaseeee?? ❤❤


It is all standard, i use the brush tool. 

I do this exact thing because I took her sai


Louis doing push ups because he lost at football and the flipping the middle finger

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Should we talk about this?

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